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Paper Choices
Coated or uncoated? White or a color? How does weight affect my choice?  Choosing the right paper for your printing project can be a daunting task. Although your paper choice can be a subjective decision, there are technical reasons for using certain papers over others.

Coated Papers
The surface of coated paper is heated to create a very smooth and hard finish which prevents absorption of ink into the sheet. Sharper photo definition and images, along with the ability to use finer line screens are all benefits of using coated sheets. Halftones have greater contrast and ink colors hold their brillance better.

Uncoated Papers
There are tremendous choices of uncoated papers, from standard bond/offset to a wide variety of embossed finishes. A multitude of colors and weights are also available.

Unlike coated stock, ink is absorbed into the surface of uncoated paper, which softens the printed images. Halftone and full-color photographs will have a more muted look. If your preference is an uncoated sheet but you need sharp image reproduction, use one of the finely calendered sheets available.

Weight and Color
Weight plays an important part in choosing paper stock. Using too light a sheet may mean you run the risk of having an end product with a "flimsy" feel to it. Using to heavy a sheet may result in undesirable bulking when folding and more costly postal rates.

Some designs lend themselves best to heavier weights and are well worth the investment. However, if you are doing a mass mailing, lighter weight paper will save you dollars up front and at the post office.

Colored Papers
When considering colored paper, keep in mind ink colors will be altered by colored sheets. For example:

    * Purple ink will appear to be brown on a yellow sheet
    * Medium blue ink will darken to navy blue on gray stock
    * Red ink on blue paper will have a purplish cast.

Even cream-colored stock will have an effect on ink color. On the plus side, colored paper can add a new dimension to collateral pieces.

Trust our staff to help you choose a paper that will be most suitable for your job. We carry a variety of papers.






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