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About Us - History
The Leahy Press has been a fixture in Montpelier and Central Vermont since its start-up in the 1930’s at the original State Street location, across from the Capitol Building.  In its early years, the Leahy Press was the only printer in town.  The founders, parents of Vermont’s current U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, ran the business until retirement in 1969, when Ron and Marty Kowalkowski took over ownership.  In 2002, Ron and Marty sold the business to their daughter and son-in-law, Deena and Steve Smead.  Many people in the local print industry got their start working at The Leahy Press.



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Leahy Press, Inc. 79 River Street Montpelier, Vermont 05602 USA Phone: (802) 223-2100 Fax: (802) 229-5149 Email:leahy@leahypress.com